Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My good fortune (#1489)

The good things that happen around me in my little world are the priceless gifts I appreciate. The happy little face of my dog when he snuggles up to me, even the cat when he is of a mind to as well. lol. Getting my chores done around the house make me feel satisfied and grateful for having some sense of accomplishment. Reading up on the news of the day when it forwards the best of who we are as a species. Knowing my health is far better than I could have imagined for all the wild and crazy times I have experienced. My friends who are glad to hear from me and enjoy my occasional humor. Life is what you make of it and how you choose to see it. I don't hide from reality, I just choose to live it in the best of ways and not be a downer. I do somewhat enjoy calling out the rich and powerful for their stupidity but that is little reward for what they are actually doing in harming all of us with their callous misunderstandings. I feel like I make a difference in life and for that I am most happy since I am alive and I should make the most of what purpose I see for myself. I got some great advice once, "I could be walking down the street with nothing but my underwear and know that I am okay". Because life isn't about what "material things" you have, instead life is about the "do no harm" you have in your heart. It is my good fortune that I have an understanding that we are all created equal in spirit, regardless of circumstances or privileges bestowed. My life is a joy because that is what I most want from it. I expect myself to be happy and in doing so I spend most all my time looking for the happiness in it.

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