Sunday, February 17, 2013

There may always be second chance (#1479)

We know this that there are second chances once things have settled down. I know that when someone has harmed me in some way I initially need time to reflect on as many factors involved before giving a second chance. However, second chances need to be carefully weighed in respect to why they are needed. Just because I give the benefit of the doubt on the first harm does not mean that I will automatically give a second chance, so when I say there may always be second chances does not mean that they are all given. I find that when some have disrespected me and placed my honorable good intentions into a bad light for no good reason, I am less likely at all to give them any more of my time. That is the one thing that is most dear to me, my time. When I think about myself as a value for others to know, then the one thing I can deny to those who are less deserving of me, is me. Usually I have nothing else of value to reciprocate a cost to them for their actions and/or behaviors. Once my good friendship or acquaintance has been intentionally harmed, there is little hope for a second chance although the one who does cause the harm has a way back to a second chance through remorse and changed behavior. I have also been guilty of harming persons for nothing more than disrespect and conscious deceit, but like those who have done the same to me, there is a way to rehabilitate. I am open enough and honest enough to know that we all change and change can bring with it new perspectives. I have sought to ameliorate my harms as best can be but I do this as a way to try to right any wrong I have done. Not just for me but for any to re-establish a chance to renew better where worse previously resided.

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