Monday, February 18, 2013

We cannot stop time (#1480)

Maybe in the future we will have figured out some fantastic way to stop time or to even go back in time but for now such thinking is just wishful. As painful as it to realize that no matter what we do or how we live, time will continue to move forward with or without us. So there is no point in wringing our hands with frustration over how we see the world and our being in it. Accepting that we are alive for some short time and having as much of an impact and as many experiences in our lives before our time is up is the best course. We will not take what we do in this existence with us that we know of but if in some small hope that we do carry the intent of who we are into some unknown future after our death here, I would like to think that how I live my life as it is today is a reflection of how my values shape my life. The most important thing for me to continue to remember is that what I think and do, does matter. I am, like all of us, the turning point in the history of the human existence. We all shape the future for all of us and every decision we make is the next link in the chain that has survived us. The impetus that started when our species began to civilize this planet, through the dark and brutish days of our meager beginnings to the now more enlightened era we hope to continue, is in motion and nothing short of an ultimately ludicrous and hateful set of actions will ever stop it. Time will have it's continuum and we have the space in our existence to maximize it's allowable effect. Control it? maybe in the future but for now all we can do is recognize that we are just a unit of consciousness within time but within that unit, we have the power to make the time of our lives the best adventure and reflection of who we humans are. 

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