Friday, March 29, 2013

Ahead of our time (#1519)

Do you ever wonder why others cannot see what is happening around us when it is crystal clear to some of us? That question used to stymie and dumbfound me to no end. But over time I have come to realize that some of us can see a vision of the future where equality and justice are as ordinary as breathing and we bring that vision to our everyday senses. So what I try to do as much as possible in today's world is to not get too excited, frustrated or discouraged when what is obvious to me as a solution is not even given the light of day in rectifying discussions by those who we elect to lead our society. It seems that having a vision for our futures is a luxury many do not find necessary. Perhaps it is like the "Allegory of the Cave" written about by Plato so many millennium ago. We care only about what is right in front of us instead of contemplating why, that which is right in front of us. None of us needs to be fed our whole lives like a babe needing the care of others. We can assume our own destinies based upon our own understandings. We don't need others who don't know telling us what we don't know. A maturity of mind must evolve within us all where we are the navigators of our existence. We are not just pieces in a puzzle whose shape has already been cut. What we all are looks more like a wild card in a deck of possibilities. What I have done is carve out a vision for the future that represents that. So anything that has unfairness to it must be exposed. Anything that has inequality to it must be exposed. Anything that segregates us from each other must be exposed. The formula for my vision is simple but it does require courage. Fear will creep into all of our lives but the courage to step in it, on it, around it and through it is ours for the taking.   

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