Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equality and inclusion (#1517)

The ground rules of life. This is how we expand our civilization toward a better tomorrow. Unfortunately we have tried the opposite many times over in our history and the result has always, and I mean always been pain and suffering as an outcome. I used to think that I was a terrible person for doing things wrong over and over until I got it right but what I have learned is that all of us are the same in this regard. Despite knowing how to do a thing right we continue to do the thing wrong in hopes of it coming out right. Mostly it is a learned response we pass down to our generations. The hope is a pay off, through a short cut, that somehow instantaneously we can rectify wrongs into rights. Or it could be that some just don't want equality and inclusion for all of us and work their collective lives to maintain institutions that discriminate unjustly. Wherever we individually fall on the scale of intentions, we are still left with an uneven approach to solving something that should honor life for all instead of just for some. Our natures are all the same but how they manifest themselves is diverse. Putting restrictions on how we are allowed to express our humanity is always suspicious when the restrictions are placed where no harm is done. We get to choose how we live our personal lives as part of the human natural right we have to exist in this current form of civilized existence. If we wish to abandon the hope of enlightened civilization and go backward to the days of master and servant then have the courage to speak that paradigm, don't try to sneak in parts of repression to inhibit the function of progress in our attempted perfection of equality and inclusion.

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