Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four sides to every coin (#1506)

There is the good and bad of one side and the good and bad of the other. How you see it depends on where you are in your life. The older I have gotten the less I accept the status quo. I want more out of life and the way things move compared to that is like a glacier, so slow. Not only slow but change for the better is like impossible to achieve when so many want things to stay the same. Sometimes I wonder if I am really a human like everyone else. lol. I am so ambitious about our present and future and seeing all the possibilities is just crazy for me when so many are not interested in seeing the same. I am not a boat rocker by nature but if the boat needs to be rocked I am a doer. That is one thing I know absolutely positively about myself, I will not quit on what is progress. I love the fact that so many things are being discovered by so many of us. The innovation and technology that is being advanced is incredible. This is the fuel within my soul, a driving force that wills me forward, that being my curiosity. I have another force within me that drives me and that is my survival instinct. If I am going to survive, which is my number one motivation, then it should be on the foundation of what makes me who I am. I am curious and I care about our and all the species that exist. It is who I am and no amount of denial or lack of honesty will ever change that, ever! So looking at both views of each side gives me the perspective to follow the path that aligns with my nature. Simple but necessary as I exist. I wish I were as intelligent as say an Albert Einstein, but that is not the case but that he existed and left us a path to follow is more important for all of us. We must keep our perspective but not let anything usurp the genius of our own lives.

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