Friday, March 22, 2013

Magnanimity (#1512)

Finding that place within ourselves that is cool with just being and not having to prove ourselves every time an opportunity to prove ourselves comes along. I am happy being me and if others need me to prove it then too bad for them. I get a bigger kick out of life enjoying it more than I do trying to pretend within it. I don't need for people to think I am smart, wise, or a good man. I just need to be one when the time is right for me to act. Otherwise, here I am just being. lol. I bring up magnanimity because I don't hear the word enough in our daily dealings. To be magnanimous is to give of oneself in a noble manner. A sort of sharing when the sharing really counts. It would do us all some good to give of ourselves from time to time just to remind us of who we are deep down inside. An effort at giving is the reward not any due or acclaim. A self-justification if you will. I don't need anyone else's approval or tributes to evaluate who I am. I need my own approval of who I am and that is sufficient. No one knows me better than myself and if I just give myself some honest introspection, I can fully accept my failings and my accomplishments. Life is too complex for us to allow ourselves to be judged by others when they should be focused on their own journey. Surely it is important to discuss life issues with others but not as a way to justify our own existence, that is upon us to recognize. Being magnanimous in our lives is a sign that we are doing well to those who most need our help. Those are the ones we should be looking to with an eye as to how we are being human. All others are just for strategy and strategy is not what we need when we are just simply trying to be a magnanimous human.

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