Sunday, March 31, 2013

The beat goes on (#1521)

Long before I got here and long after I am gone there will be people who will know that what we are as humans is the most important thing in deciding how we live. In this blog I claim that our natural state of being is curious and caring with a survival component. Everything after that is learned behavior, whether good or bad. I push hard every day to forward my claim in hopes that when we do come to our senses in our society, we will realize that equality and fairness etcetera are the foundation for how we live, not the competition we provide for and against each other. We are not the lions and the Christians in the arena, fighting to survive. We are all in this existence together and none of us should be allowed to triumph over another as a policy. Yet here we are still in the dark ages of our evolution and here I am again and again having to write about how we suffer ourselves instead of helping each other. There is no magic here, just humanity trying to survive under rules we create. Yes, we created this mess and now, since not sooner, is the time to rectify how we spend our precious time here in our existence. That we just shrug our collective shoulders and claim that we are not enough to make things right is not acceptable. We all need to start from some point and then move forward into that reality with the clear and visionary purpose of making existence what it should be instead of allowing it to remain a dysfunctional morass of suffering. Sadly, we are not all on board with changing our present paradigm of favor and privilege because we lack the will and the courage to do so. I am not proud of being a part of this generation that has given up it's will to change for the better. Yet hope continues.

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