Monday, March 18, 2013

The God complex (#1508)

We are not Gods, any of us. We are not some being sent to Earth to live life as some experiment similar to what Christ was reported to have done. We are not the exception to everyone else through some dispensation that we have decided we deserve. We are just regular humans who like all the rest of we humans are just trying to make our way through this weird unexplainable existence. So everyone, get off the idea that ego has planted within us. We are not Gods! As life continues on for many of us this initial idea that we are some superior entity begins to wane when we are exposed to our own failings and those failings our society heaps upon us. It is not that we were sent to Earth before birth as a preordained spirit to correct or rectify or even to just be lavished upon with awesomeness for our still hidden talents. lol. We are just humans, borne into a sphere of existence and then in some amount of time when are no more. That is the reality of all of our lives. There are noble things we can do as just humans that can be admired, respected and even lauded to the present and future generations but those things are as just humans, nothing more. I am of this view and as well of this type of character. I want to do the best I can for today and for tomorrow to help create a better Earthly experience for all those who are borne. It is a human legacy that can be achieved, without me thinking I am something more than I really am. Creating a better environment for us and those who are yet here requires help from most or all of us as well. So we must start with the fact that we are not more than just humans trying to be as humane to ourselves as we can.

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