Monday, March 25, 2013

The importance of critical thinking (#1515)

We won't always have someone wiser around to help us solve our difficult situations. Eventually others will look to us as the wise ones that they will need help from. In the meantime, we will need to be able to think for ourselves and unravel the complexities that challenge us. The only way to become successful at arriving at an acceptable conclusion is for us to think for ourselves in logical and common sense terms. I have hammered this notion of the importance of logic in our lives but even more than logic, it takes the will to trust your own instinct of fairness, equity, justice etcetera. Living with honorable principles and thinking with logic is the path forward for us to becoming the wise ones able to help those who seek the same. Our species of humans has from the beginning of our civilizations have passed down as a heredity our knowledge and our evolution from that knowledge. Such it is with wisdom, the formula is there for us to obtain, but it takes a suspension of myth and the superstitions they embody for us to become rational and objective. From this base of being objectively rational, we can then grow in wisdom as our experiences and knowledge informs us. We are not ever going to be all-knowing, however we can know and pass along much more than the chaos and confusion we presently seem to be enveloped in. Life is about the experience of it and all that relates to that experiencing is what informs us. When we apply the willingness to reach out beyond ourselves with logic and courage, we will be better served in our own lives and in the lives of whose who wish to learn and follow from our experiences and understandings.

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