Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The power of illusion (#1509)

I can't even begin to speak on this subject without shaking my head and remembering my own problems recognizing reality from my own biases. As myself as a case study, I have come to know that my own inability to distinguish between illusion and reality stems from a lack of knowledge. The problem with me was that I didn't know that I didn't know. In other words my happy or unhappy knowledge base was incomplete. it really all does boil down to how we see our society and what we want our society to become. If we are well satisfied with the current status quo of competition and privilege deciding who gets to go onward to college and higher degrees, while maintaining a large worker force in order to keep wages low; or do we want all our citizens to learn and know the latest thinking, function and theory of life as a choice and then let the worker force become what it can due to incentive, not default, then we need to decide. The future keeps coming up to meet us and if we are going to challenge the old ways of society, we must demand that our elected officials guide us there. Many of our elected officials are too timid as leaders since we don't normally elect those who are natural leaders, instead we elect who we are given as choices by mostly ulterior powers whose motives are not on the simple vision of all inclusiveness. For all of us to conquer the inequality and injustice in society we need to become more informed and the only way to do that is to demand education as a right not a privilege. We can shape our own society even if it means giving up some of the few comforts we are given to placate us as we demand our vision forward. Are we lesser human and more lap dog?

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