Friday, March 15, 2013

The theft greed allows (#1505)

I suppose it is all about how one looks at the world if at all. Just because in the past things were done a certain way does not mean that that way needs to continue or was justified in the first place. We are a new generation with vast amounts of knowledge and comprehension as opposed to the generations before us. We do not have to accept the ways of the past if they violate principles of honor, decency, fairness, justice or equality etc... That we do continue to allow paradigms to exist that violate honorable principles is reflective of how weak and or uncaring we are. If most every scenario is evaluated for it's lack of honor, you would find that greed is it's foundation. That is the problem we have in motivating ourselves toward an enlightened transformation in our societies. What we don't fully understand is that the greed that inhibits participatory equality in our lives is actually theft. We call it success on some level but the renaming of hoarding more or most of the ability to barter from 100's of millions by just a few thousand is nothing less. I am all for rewarding those who exemplify the best attributes of what humanity can and should conceive, however not to the point of undermining the actual basis for the success. As the simple dysfunctional egos who rule the policies of the day in our economies frequently say, that unfettered capitalism is a just process for those who would be king, what they do not take into account is that humans are not a commodity, we are rightly existent in this world as natural free spirits who, despite the ignorance displayed by those who think we are, are due the respect of all not to have our pursuit of happiness stolen from us.

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