Saturday, May 25, 2013

Are we too proud to admit our errors? (#1576)

There is one theme running through my mind this morning and it is all about solutions to problems. We can find solutions to almost every problem we have but it takes the will to do it. Or in some cases the recognition that wealth is not the answer to all our problems. We can do things differently here in America if we so choose. The examples of problem solving exist outside our borders on almost all the problems we face. Many of our problems have to do with income inequality and the conclusions of that fact are plentiful in all of our lives. Yet solutions in other countries are advancing and alleviating this scourge laden dynamic. We can learn from others to better ourselves if we would just start by admitting our current system needs repair. For some reason we cannot find the will to admit we are wrong when all the rest of the world can see it in clarity. Another area of lacking in our society is how we treat our most vulnerable, especially in light of income inequality. We have little health care for those who cannot afford it, we have less and less food made available because in the (lack) of wisdom being forwarded by many of our political representatives due to keeping the wealthy overly healthy while turning our back on the downtrodden. Housing for those who are homeless is not a priority for many of our politicians and is actually not even discussed in honest terms as to it's effect. Our democracy is the greatest foundation of political achievement in modern history and despite that we continue to operate it with a callousness that unravels it's remarkably stitched together connectedness.

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