Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bending the arc of justice (#1573)

It is our duty as human beings to make our world better. Notwithstanding what we think is right for now but more so for what is better for tomorrow. As well as things may work in our civilization they can always work better. We have not hit the perfect ceiling for how to survive in our Universe and will possibly never do so. However, as it has taken us centuries and yes, even millenniums, to get to this point, we are not done evolving our civilization to the new technologies and innovations within equality and fairness for all our citizens. Everything we have done to this point from the beginning of time can be improved upon. Even old paradigms scrapped in order to provide for the opportunity for happiness we all have coming to us by virtue of our individual existence. No child ever born should have to endure the hardships we presently have allowed for over half our population on this planet. We are to be ashamed for our lack of care we place on our own duty to improve this existence merely through our presence. None of us were born into a perfect world yet when we see the imperfections around us we have to make the decision to not be a part of the equation that allows for it. We don't disassociate but we don't enable it's continuance. This is where knowing our natures comes into hand. We are caring and curious and by that we are not naturally brutish and boring. We have capacities that allow for us to choose our futures with decisions that come directly from us. Our perspectives should be a constant reminder of our goals for our lives. Self-gratification to the exclusion of our duty to life or a life filled with duty that brings about gratification in our striving to achieve our common purpose.

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