Saturday, May 18, 2013

Criticizing without offering an alternative is shameful! (#1569)

Too often I hear and see written comments about how someone sees what's wrong with a situation and the current solution being provided without explaining to me and others what the alternative solution that would be much better is. The Monday morning armchair quarterback syndrome. They act like they are so understanding of how not to do a thing, to the point of excluding everything others offer, yet they offer no solution themselves. There are hard choices out there in the world that need to be made right now and any solution that at least is focused on ending a crisis or at least curtailing it is better than nothing at all. That is the point of making hard decisions, each decision will always have a drawback to it when it isn't perfect. So those who sit on the sidelines and cast aspersions without offering anything are less to be noticed for having any gravitas on the problem and should be ignored as a rule. I, like the rest of we humans know imperfection and we often are plagued by the solutions we try to find, yet we do try to find, unlike those who only criticize. Their intent may be well meant, or not, but it is counter-productive to remind us all that what we do use for utility's sake is not without it's drawbacks. Instead of criticizing, all of us should be trying to think of better and more efficient solutions to our problems. Not just in treating the problems as they arise but also trying to prevent them before they even happen. Nothing should be sacred when life is weighed on the scale against process or custom. If we are not trying to change our existence to a better place, then maybe we all should just sit back and criticize each other without ever trying to apply a solution, NOT! 

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