Friday, May 24, 2013

I admit when I don't know (#1575)

It is all part of telling the truth. There just isn't right or wrong, there is also I don't know. As beings capable of reason this shouldn't be so hard to understand and employ. We need to utilize our abilities for the purpose they present. We observe and then analyze to conclude and more often than we realize, our conclusions are inconclusive. But that is the point, it is okay to not have an answer when an answer isn't logically attained. Too many people think that they are given rights that supersede the rest of we humans. As if some privilege of unknown origins has bestowed upon them an enlightenment that only they can summon. The illusion of knowing all or most all is a symptom of another psychosis that corresponds to an ego run amok. The ability to have tremendous insight into some general and a few specific areas is more rare than normal. Where most of us dwell is we have a few areas of good understanding and many areas of limited understanding. That is fine and is more in line with truth and honesty, which by the way should trump ego every time, truth and honesty that is. As to why ego is placed in such high esteem with some has more to do with their own insight into their own inadequacies and less to do with them being honest brokers within reality. I don't mind being a fool when I am one and in that I become more human. I am made to realize that I am not what I think I am but instead I am more like all of us with the same desire to be accepted. By sticking with reality and common sense I have a chance to be a part of our society and a positive functioning member of it, especially when I admit that I don't know.

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