Friday, May 17, 2013

My silence is my point! (#1568)

When you hear nothing from me it is because either I am no more or that I have nothing to say. For now it is the latter. The power of silence needs to never be underestimated. So many times it is too convenient to speak something in order to appease an uncomfortable situation. However, if you did not create the uncomfortable situation, then someone else did and as their strategy, they need to stew in it, not anyone else. I find that even acknowledging irrational or illogical behavior shows a weakness in me that then can be exploited. I have learned to be tougher about what I am willing to do to protect my own integrity. I have to be willing to actually fight for my right not to be influenced nor coerced, either physically or mentally. My right to be silent is a value I will not abdicate to anyone who thinks they can put me under duress for not speaking. Know this though, I am thinking and what I am thinking is mine not anyone's by force to know. If I offer my silence it is because there is not enough information or the common sense of the statement or question is lacking. Either way, my silence should speak volumes as to my opinion, which is I have none which I want to share. It is the same with me when I am waiting for a response about a situation. I, at least, ask for an opinion first before I unload a a scenario of which I need help clarifying. That is to questions, as to statements, I am not a casual soap box orator. I do speak out about things I find unequal or unjust and I am not waiting for an opinion, only a sign that I am being heard. The manipulating bullies of this world do try hard to get us to agree with them but in most every case my silence is my answer to them.

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