Thursday, May 23, 2013

This is not all there is! (#1574)

Our imaginations won't allow it! Reality is only a snapshot in time and the next change is just happening. Be of good cheer and know that every movement we make toward something better is actually making something better. Life is not horrible per se right now but we all know that it needs to keep getting better. So the purpose of our lives is to add to the betterment in whatever way we are able. That is what each of us has as a duty to each other. Yes, we owe each other the better and best of ourselves, it is only right and proper. So what we see and know today is just the movement of our civilization toward the better, not static or getting worse. Surely we fight against complacency and sabotage by some humans who think they have no duty to society and life on our planet, but they are and never will be nothing more than cowards who pretend to be strong. So off we go about our betterment processes all the while rebuffing and chasing down the cowards who would put obstacles in our way. This is what they will never get as humans, that as humans we have an instinct to care about our species and those species we find dear to protect. We also want to use our imaginations to create things that improve our happiness and grow our knowledge into a greater and more dynamic paradigm. We are curious about life, our planet, the Universe we live in and those are the things that some humans want to manipulate out of our futures. They will not succeed but the rest of us need to stay vigilant in our purpose to be the most intellectual and inspiring species known to exist.

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