Monday, May 27, 2013

We are more than just cannon fodder (#1578)

My generation's coming of age, 1973, was one of the first without an American military draft since 1940 and was a major accomplishment in our country's struggle with ending the Vietnam war. Instead of focusing on education and creating solid work opportunities we as a nation were and are more inclined to let our young folks enter military service and flex that strength where politicians deem appropriate. Certainly there are times when the defense of our country, even beyond our own borders tests our resolve to fulfill, however, as a rule the conscription and then volunteer force were more a paradigm where we used our youthful resources for less than what they could accomplish in life. I see it now in today's volunteer force. Where joining to become a soldier is the preferred choice of our politicians instead of improving our educational system and creating equality and fairness in our work environments. It is easier for those politicians to work less at giving our youth a real choice that is more than volunteering for military service if that is not their first choice. The powers that be have to have a vision for respecting the future of our country beyond war. Wars are fought to protect principles that soldiers are willing to die for to protect. What are our current principles? Do we treat and respect our citizenry equally as to opportunity and general welfare? We have many problems here in our country and just going about the status quo is not enough. We need to give our youth more than an opportunity to serve in the military, we need to give them jobs that command respect and dignity as well.

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