Saturday, July 27, 2013

Breaking the cycle (#1639)

I am not my friends, my parents, uncles and aunts nor my grandparents. It seems that we all tend to being like those who came before us or exist with us now in ways that deny who we really are. Accepting paradigms of the past out of custom and allegiance is fine but not if they counter what we are inside. As an example, when I was younger and most impressionable the boys I hung out with were mean and tended toward violence against those they saw as weak or different. I came to the conclusion early on that although I did like these boys for other reasons, I could not associate with them because they represented something antithetical to who I am. Even with family I choose to accept those in my present life who represent the same types of principles that I do. I cannot abide those who have stubbornly clung to the old ways of treating people with masked disrespect and bias. I choose to live a life that represents me and my understanding of existence. Notwithstanding, I must and will always choose to be what is best about life over even the sacred bonds of blood. To lessen myself to paradigms that are unhealthy to my soul is to sell a piece of me for the sake of contrition. I won't nor will I do it! Those who are still practicing thoughts and behaviors that in the light of day would be abhorrent need only recognize that having me in their lives will not happen in their present form.

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Clark said...

My environment helped shape the person I am today. Eventhough my mind tells me how I think is wrong or misguided by this tradition, try as I might to change it, there will always be a foundation set that may never truly go away.

In short, now I knoe why you dont come over anymore. Haha.

Love you Uncle.