Friday, July 26, 2013

Even fear starts to grow old (#1638)

The politics of fear has been an obstruction for the last 4 years like no other strategy I have seen in my 57 years here on Earth. That it is happening within our politics is unsettling. I have seen the two parties disagree over policies before and argue for the merits on both sides. Usually the victor has presented enough evidence to persuade a majority to vote to implement these bills into law and move on to other concerns within our society. But not so since our first African/American president has been elected. As a Democrat he is mostly following the policies of the Democratic plank and has tried vigorously to compromise in a gentlemanly manner with the Republicans to satisfy moving legislation forward toward becoming law. His extraordinary attempts to reach compromise has for the most part gone unanswered. The minority Republican party has refused to allow the majority democratically elected Democrat party to advance it's ideas for the future of our country. They have instead employed scare and fear tactics as their rebuttal to most all of our president's and his party's legislation. Using fear to debate a policy is nonsense when facts are there for all to see. But nonetheless the Republican party has no wish to argue facts since the facts go against the grain of their ideal of "survival of the fittest" policies. As time continues to move forward and the old paradigms of ignorance and blind observance become less attractive, more and more citizens are becoming immune to the Republican tactic of fear as a replacement for debate.

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