Monday, July 29, 2013

The bigger picture (#1641)

I am happy enough that some folks are seeing the picture around them instead of not paying attention and remaining clueless. Seeing the picture around us is the first step toward understanding how we are doing as a society. But that is just the first step toward understanding our society, not the last step. There is a bigger picture that must be understood as well. My little microcosm is just a tiny study in the larger equation of how our society is functioning. I had someone tell me that his world was great and jobs were plenty and he couldn't understand why everyone else wasn't as fortunate in their life, blaming them for their own failure to achieve. In his world that may well be the conclusion to his understanding, however his world is filled with greater opportunities than most and his perspective confirms that. What he is not seeing is macrocosm and the utter lack of opportunity for most folks who don't exist in his microcosm. Instead of being grateful for his good fortune, he chooses instead to condescend a disparagement for others who are not as fortunate as he is. I know that naivete is much to blame and that his heart is better than that but there it is, the confusion that underlies so many problems we face as a society yet to achieve equality in mostly significant areas. The bigger picture relays too many regions in our country and in the world where labor is held in low esteem and instead carpetbagging and manipulative economic practices that pay off are held in higher esteem. The old "get yours anyway you can" syndrome deviates us from the greater promise that all work is good and the opportunity to express that good should be more plentiful in our macrocosm society. 

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