Friday, July 19, 2013

The continual rejuvenation of will power (#1631)

It seems that every day I awake from my nightly sleep I am refreshed on the subject of my will. I start my day with a renewed energy that from the previous day often is sapped and worn. I respect the dynamic of sleep to re-energize my consciousness and it's goal of creating a society of humans worthy of any outside observation. I do like the idea of a sovereign being over looking our progress here on Earth. Now I know that I cannot produce a sovereign being but I do act as if there is one. I want to be proud of who we are as a species. I want to know that I am doing what I can to help that cause. The great unknown yet to be discovered may well include life beyond our planet that has intelligence and innovative creativity. I can assume the possibility since we exist with the same qualities. So if there is life beyond our knowing and it is advanced beyond ours, then what we show them of our capabilities should reflect the better and best of who we are. Not only as a reference for them, if they exist, but to advance our societies toward a future that endears itself to our hopes and wishes. My will power is but a motivation, an engine to ignite my forward thinking and actions that would make me full of pride to having been part of. I live for the opportunity to advance our species into a new and more logical paradigm and that is only going to be possible for me as long as I can keep the movement of my will power going in the direction that justifies equality, fairness and opportunity.

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