Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wisdom, courage and strength (#1635)

First of all we have to know what it is before us. That is the wisdom part where we analyze all the possibilities and make an informed decision based upon common sense and logic. Sometimes we can still be unwise even with common sense and logic so we have to make sure that some greater good isn't being ignored in favor of some intellectual/emotional dishonesty on our part. We are humans and by that fact are incapable of being perfect, however that does not excuse us from applying all our effort toward trying to be perfect. Next is the courage needed to enact our wisdom into action. This is a very difficult paradigm since taking a stand and rightly defending or advocating for it can cause us many foreseen and unforeseen discomforts. It all boils down to whether we want to have a life filled with virtue or some lesser form of that. Courage is the will to express our own individualism in ways that cannot necessarily be controlled by ourselves. Courage is rarely safe and instead many times it is bravery in the face of a dangerous unknown. We all know what it takes for us to protect what we see as justice, it then becomes whether we have the strength to do it. Strength, is the last factor in this equation. Do we have the strength to carry out the wisdom and the courage we feel when it comes time for the strength to be expressed? I have heard many surmise a situation correctly, tell me that they would be it's champion and then fail to express the strength to make it so. Strength is the actual doing of the action needed to justify our best intent. I know what is right, I have the mentality of will to defend what is right, therefore I need the strength to actually conclude the ideal.

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