Monday, August 26, 2013

Aspiration defeats adversity (#1669)

We are all the "good guys/gals" and as such we are expected to stand in the face of adversity whenever it crosses our path. Adversity is to be given a respectful pause for what it is but not allowed any further wastage of our time. We are a species about solutions and we are well equipped with natural and intellectual tools to overcome any adversity that may form. Certainly we are able to overcome any adversity, even the loss of our most precious ones although it is a tough overcome. We endure, that is the hallmark of our species and to endure we must conquer any and all obstacles before our path. We do it with our determination and our emotional reserve. Truly what doesn't kill us makes us stronger is an old saw that has the validity to it that underscores our species's resilience. We have all suffered loss of heartbreaking proportions, we have all been subjugated to unfairness to extreme degrees and we have all been confused about our purpose here in existence. Yet we endure and although some of us cannot endure and for that we are all emotionally, mortally wounded, most all of us do endure. We even harm each other for reasons that history will show as petty and shortsighted. Yet we will endure and in our enduring we will become stronger for it. There are better ways for us to become better in not only our natures but our outlooks. Those who wield the levers of power and control in our past and present society lack the leadership to force the change from the stick to the carrot. We are a vindictive reflecting species too much of the time instead of being the nurturing species we inherently are. Despite the lack of vision from those who could change our society we humans will continue to aspire and in some future time we will eventually overcome natural and man-made adversity.  

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