Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Curiosity forces us to learn (#1664)

The state of being curious is a natural one for we humans. We input information like it is air, water and food, we need it to survive. Air, water and food may sustain our biological bodies but we are more than just biological bodies, we also are a reasoning mind. Our minds need sustenance just as surely as our bodies do. Curiosity is the unique feature we humans display as a species that has allowed us to evolve beyond just being a normal animal. Our mind is our engine and we need it to grow. The gathering of information through our sensors, our five senses and maybe intuition as well, found the idea that it is as natural for us to understand as a requirement as it is to satisfy our bodies biological needs. I know for myself I have to know whatever it is that piques my curiosity. I am a servant of my inputted data as surely as anything I know. I exist to learn and understand otherwise I am just grazing on the food sustenance of this planet with no other purpose. So anything that inhibits mine or anyone else's natural instinct to grow in knowledge is an enemy of the human species, regardless of whether they are human or not. Our species demands that we remain true to our instincts of caring about our world around us and our curiosity to understand our world around us. For those who don't get that our species has these obligations to ourselves are devoid of one or the other two natural instincts, caring and wondering. More likely they are devoid of caring since we can identify many within our society who are of a psychopathy lacking in emotion which would indicate no care for the rest of us nor to themselves.

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