Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Giving up the ghosts (#1670)

If we could all just be honest with each other just how much better would our lives be? I know how hard it is to be honest all the time since I have been taken advantage of it by others who were not honest in return. It sort of makes us put up walls from each other so that when we do find people we can be honest with we can't seem to find a way to get there. I have found that by simplifying my life I am able to break down those walls of protection that I have built and slowly show the truth of myself. It is not easy and through fits and starts I am moving closer to being an honest man most all the time. Discretion is always valorous but not to the defeat by fear. I do believe in the saying of "do no harm" and when my truths cross the line into harm for others I reserve my right to either omit the truth in a way that does not influence anything or everything in a harmful way or I just confront the truth from another angle in order to expose it in the least harmful way. However I cannot get to the truth of things or myself unless I am an open minded soul. I have to be objective and dispel any prejudices or bias' that I may bring into the moment. I cannot assume or expect anything beyond what is real nor can I dismiss the idea that reality holds all the answers. Truly an open mind is devoid of ghosts from the past and only has a minds eye toward understanding whatever factors are involved. I know I have reasoning and logic and with those two mental tools I can and will justify my calculations about life around me as circumstantially possible. Never for sure and only in simple form but surely a truth toward an answer.

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