Saturday, August 24, 2013

Never losing my core (#1667)

I am a human which I mean to say is that I am vulnerable to frailty. As strong as I might tell myself that I am there is always some little space within me that needs protection. I wish I were perfect in claiming my right to exist as unshakable but I know that I am not. There are forces in life that come to bear especially on those who are innocently trapped into their sphere. Like a spider who has set a trap for all who may come into it's lair. So despite the best intent of our efforts, the whirligig of chaos matches up those who are better served through principled virtue with those who fight against anything that may detract from their advantages. That fairness is a stake is no matter to those who only wish fairness and more for themselves and nothing near fairness for others. A vicious cycle of some who will greater regard over others. Such is how some of us if not all of us find ourselves, burdened by the weight of those who profit from our fears yet debase our actual harms when those fears are realized. This institutionalized cancer of thought that permeates our culture has it's roots in the innocence of society. We are taught to weigh statistics as a primer for determining the outcome of so many things in our lives. We measure each other by standards that prevail for some but have little to do with reality as individuals. The psyche that allows for deviation from fact to obfuscate responsibility is as dangerous a tool as a clear intent to harm. If we continue to progress as a society with inherently unacceptable practices that demean and debase the best intent of honesty then our society will continue to suffer from an immaturity that steals from our lives in ways that can never be rectified.

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