Saturday, August 31, 2013

The scientific method (#1674)

No longer can the forces of myth, superstition and custom rule the day to day logic we now utilize. From our recent past we see that those same forces of our folklore are losing their appeal for our understanding as it currently exists. The scientific method has grown sturdy roots in the fallow ground of our minds and that is how it should be. We need no omnipotent control in order to find purpose or destiny for our lives. We can seek out new and unknowable things with the power we already possess. Our five senses, logic, intuition and common sense help us to get to facts of truths or even to get to an understanding of how to approach the new and unknowable, without having to filter through some antiquity. No longer are we constricted by man-made dogma, instilled to stifle our actions instead of inspire them. There is a role for the customs, superstitions and myths of our past but only as a just another possibility for us to investigate. As in all things investigation is a tremendous tool in the scientific method. We must continue to add to our knowings by remembering the influence of enlightened, courageous exploration. Our time is just beginning in the reign of our known Universe and treating our exalted status with humility and respect is the proper and wise avenue to follow. It is also our right and duty to investigate with all the imagination we can muster as long as that imagination is properly vetted through logic and for allowing for what we don't know. I would never say a perfect understanding exists in that my mind is not yet capable of knowing all things imperfect. Now that is the scientific method.

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