Thursday, August 29, 2013

Your actions reveal your character (#1672)

Not always the case especially with young folks who are full of hubris and still trying to figure life out but with older folks this is a sure fire way of understanding how people view the world. We are mostly a mixed bag of good and bad behaviors which makes none of us perfect nor purely bad. What we are though is responsible for our actions. We must think about what we are going to do otherwise we are not acting with a full comprehension of what our act will define. There are two primary choices we can make, first the act to commit to something or secondly not to commit to something. Commission and omission, are our responses to the stimuli around us. When we commit to something we are judged by our decision and it's logic, which is naturally right because most of the time our intent is rational and good. When we choose to omit any action on stimuli is when we are open to interpretation by others for our inaction. Less a reasonable excuse for not doing something the obvious answer is that we care little about the stimuli being experienced. As a strategy of self-survival in the conscious world we often don't speak or act our mind in hopes of not revealing that our intentions are less than honorable and more to the point, without virtue. The revealing of our character is brought about by our responses to the stimuli around us and no amount of words or deflective strategy will undo the reality we all choose. We may feign ignorance to our action or inaction but when viewed by the outside observer when we choose to be less than equal, less than just and less than respectful, our strategy of ignorance only reflects back on us.

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