Monday, October 21, 2013

Causing pain and suffering is a choice (#1725)

I often hear this meme about "nothing is free". What bothers me most about it is that anyone who has ever loved anyone else knows how absurd that statement is. Surely though they must be talking about how our society operates. Even then, the barter that takes place is mostly cost/benefit but there are paradigms within that which only hold to benefit/benefit. I like doing things for others which gives them something and for me it is the satisfying feeling in my soul that is enhanced. Something for something can be free when what we do is right in every way. Here is the deal, I have to be doing something while I am alive and only living to accumulate wealth without regard to it's effect on others is not an option. I can receive wealth in amounts that are good for me but never to the point of causing others to go without. I am not made that way! What is not a purpose for us to be alive, in my mind, is to work for some happiness and blame others who cannot. None of us knows why we were born into this existence. We know how, through our parents and biology, but the why is still the greatest mystery to our questioning of all things. So for us to say that nothing is free is in complete contradiction to our even being here in existence. We paid no price to be born, we were gifted with it. As to the resources here on our planet, many before us instituted polices that marketed many necessities we need to sustain life. Is that right of us to put a price on our ability to survive? I think not. Our natures are compassion and curiosity and for us to be employing  anything less than that is not who we are or who we are still getting better at becoming.

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