Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't spoil the good seeking the perfect (#1722)

I have learned this the hard way. I tried to stick to my principles of advocating for the best of what can be only to have sabotaged meaningful steps forward. It is good to let the good triumphant regardless if it isn't perfect. We move forward from one place on the plateau to another higher place in order to make progress. It isn't like we all see eye to eye so despite the logic of having the perfect, we must allow for incremental steps instead of one giant bound. This is where knowing how diverse we are and the levels of our information intersect and then advancing to that point. One step at a time is truly progress despite our hubris to have a whole lot more. I know we are capable of great leaps and bounds within our society but that capability has not found a common enough pathway for all of us to attain. We will keep trying but in the meantime we must not allow steps forward to be hindered by our desire to move more quickly. Pausing to assess the big picture should be our ultimate strategy. We need to be less adamant in our demands for action this very second when the alternative is to gain ground gradually. It does inspire me that we are a restless lot who many think we can advance by quantum leaps and in my heart I will always be one of those souls, but reality has taught me an important lesson, win your battles on every level as you aim to win the war. Regardless of policy, we must endure forward without misstep, yes, even the little missteps hurt us if we fail to achieve them.

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