Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fear that exists from our imagination is harming us (#1727)

Yes, I am talking about myth, superstition and belief systems. None of these is a real thing only an imagining that we either hope that exists or hope that it doesn't exist. That is wrong of us to even be in the thought and act of allowing them to rule our lives with a determination to them as if they were factual. None of them are, they are hopes and wishes only. My life has to be centered on what I know about me and the surroundings I am existing in, not some ideal of what after life consists. My spiritualism will have to deal with anything that comes after my death the same way I had to evolve it here in this existence. And that is supposing that I am going to have another life after death. In all reality as far as I can ascertain, we end our lives here. So for me it is relatively simple, live my life now to the best of my ability within the dimension of this reality. The only fear I let truly to exist within me is the fear of the unknown and as I continue to discover and learn, I find that the unknown  is not very scary at all. It is just unknown until it is known. That will happen in time whether while I am here or after I am gone. So allowing fear of the imaginary to lead us to illogical thinking and actions does no one any good and many much harm. We are biological data processing sensors and if we are not reasoning, analyzing and concluding through those logical realities we are in dimension with, then we are not fulfilling the nature of our being and instead have mutated to a species unrecognizable based upon our inherent capabilities. 

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