Sunday, October 20, 2013

Finish what we started (#1724)

It doesn't matter what it is, finishing it is what matters. If it is a good thing then follow through until done, if you realize it is a bad thing then unwind it and bring it back to where you started and then go forward with a good version of it. Regardless, don't stop until you are done. Now some things in life require us to never stop because the ideal behind them is of a longer duration than our lives. So be it. Once you decide to take it on then the onus to finish is yours. I don't mind life long journeys that require my vigilance, they are a steadying force for me to lean on when I am not at my best. I can always focus harder on my duties and responsibilities to smooth over any rough patches in my life. The constancy of applying myself toward my goals and obligations truly does define who I am. Because again, it is all about the journey I have in life that is descriptive of my character, thus my destiny. I started out in life as a blank canvas and since my birth I have been filling in a picture of who I am and will continue to do so until I am no longer part of this existence. What I leave behind me is important to me. I want the Universe to know who I was while I was here. Whether that is even possible I don't know but if in some slight way it is I will have been proud of the better parts of my life. So, in conclusion, I suggest we all make our way through life like the amazing species we are and leave no doubt as to our ability to shape and create an exceptional existence marked by our persevering presence.

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