Friday, October 25, 2013

Optimism even when it is hard (#1729)

It is not easy at all looking and finding the best in every situation, but that is what we must do regardless of the situation. Sometimes I fail miserably for a little while because I am human and apparently I am unable to keep my emotions from ruling my thoughts for short periods of time. Nothing unusual about that but it does signify to me that I am nowhere near where I want my control of my life to be. Again, nothing unusual about that either, since none of us is capable of exact control considering that many factors that intersect our lives come from outside our control. The variety of permutations is unlimited so for me the answer is to try to always find the best out of whatever is going on and focus on that. I am not discounting that terrible things occur but to dwell on them is useless as any form of remedy to my own mental health. When I keep my wits about me and allow for the best of thoughts to overwhelm me I find that my perspective on how we live and why things happen make for some situations to be more easily endured. Even when things are going great I do not waste any time on thinking what could go wrong. Instead I continue to create in my mind just how much greater the great thing could be. Optimism is a choice and for me it is more than that. It is a way of life that helps to sustain me when I need help from myself. If we all could just think about the best of what things could be and try to imagine how wonderful our existence could be over the things we humans control.

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