Monday, October 28, 2013

Our existence comes from our Universe (#1732)

This isn't exactly known absolutely by me so with a bit of a disclaimer, let me see if I can lay out my case effectively. The only thing that is not found in all the chemicals, minerals and motions in this existence is the understanding for intelligence or in other words our ability to reason. Everything else is mechanical by nature and all these atoms and molecules exist within nature. As to how we come to "grow" a conscious or a thought is still a mystery. But I do know this we are born with sensory perceptions. These "instruments" we possess culminate in our brains being able to discern certain outcomes. Like all the other species that exist on our planet Earth, we are at different evolutionary stages of commanding our instruments. It is right to say that the human species has evolved further along on this line of enlightenment that any other known species. As we all are on some path toward enlightenment, it would seem we have something in common that may explain why we are. For me it is our need to "survive". All the species on our planet express some form of survival instincts. It is this very survival instinct that teaches us through fear and therefore how to understand fear. Through initial fear and other emotions we experience we sense and record conclusions and thus that is how we began our reasoning process at the beginning of our species evolution. So by my understanding we create our own reason after we began our time here in this existence which means all that we have or are comes from what is supplied here in this Universe. It is not a perfect analysis but for now I can't think of a better one. 

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