Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The heart strings (#1734)

They are there always to be pulled when the occasion arises. Funny how that works. I can be as logical as the day is long in summer but when my heart string gets tugged I lose a lot of my perspective. I fall into a void zone where nothing makes much sense accept the moment of my feeling. My emotions are very powerful things and for the most part have defined who I am at my core. Yes, I am an old softy who would rather feel my feelings of warmth than to constantly wrap myself around the coolness logic emanates. Don't get me wrong though I do like the coolness of logic but it isn't the only means to an end. My life has changed in so many ways, wow, that line kind of reminded me of a Neil Young song. lol. The life inside of me is quite amusing sometimes. lol. Anyway, my passion for life is still burning brightly but I am not such a zealot at applying that passion in just a few subjects. I am open now to the panoramic view that our world offers and in that view I can allow for me some happiness. That is where the heart strings fulfill a vital role. I can love and be loved like I had not previously been able to do. Often I could be loved but not love back the same or vice-versa. Now I am at the complete stage of allowing my heart to succumb to a similar heart. What a magnificent achievement I have evolved towards. My less than rock-like foundation has firmed up and the flighty part of me has waned. So when the pulling of my heart strings happens I am most ready to experience it with all of me and not just some unresolved part of me.

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