Thursday, October 17, 2013

The pettiness of only being selfish (#1721)

The obviousness of the words that come out of some people's mouths at times is shameful. Through their own way of seeing our society it becomes clear that they are only concerned with their own well being. They will never be philanthropists in their heart. Surely they put up a front of acting concerned whether through deed or giving of money but in their hearts they are as cold as a stone. Now I am not saying they aren't occasionally touched by some travesty and their hearts are actually pure for a moment but the moments are fleeting and short of duration. They always fall back on their own sense of self worth based upon some ideal of them having accomplished their life goals with no help from others. They are in essence devoid of the foundational concept that we all have helped to make our own lives better. I think back to the last presidential campaign where Romney and his Republican colleagues spoke about the makers and the takers. They had no doubt in their minds that they were representing the elite of our society, you know, those who made all their success on their own. Well it does come to show that none of us are independent enough from each other to ever claim that we are demigods in a general way. We are just humans trying to cope in a world that has only enough rules in it to benefit the privileged and leave those without privilege difficult passage to navigate. I cannot understand how the idea of pettiness is regarded as a virtue by some but there it is and for that I am ashamed of them and for the effect it is having on our species to no end.

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