Friday, November 22, 2013

A penalty for not voting (#1757)

We have tried luring citizens to take part in our elections since the founding of our government, although at the beginning it was a lot more restrictive. However over the years we have broadened voting rights to all law abiding citizens and that is what we should do in our democracy. Yet we still have less than stellar voting turnout. We need all Americans eligible to vote, to actually take the time to generally understand the policies being offered and then cast a ballot. We spend billions of dollars on trying to get out the vote when it now seems logical to save that expense and require our eligible voters to vote or otherwise pay a fine for non-participation. It may seem a bit compulsory but there are few things in life as important than shaping the society we all participate in. The actual act of voting is simple when not restrictive. We do have some problems currently with the Republican party in our country here in America where they feel that only some should have the vote and not all. We need to establish that not only are the Republicans wrong in denying the vote but that the opposite, requiring everyone to vote makes for a better democratic republic. No doubt we also need to inform our citizenry of the issues we face without the lies, confusion and chaos we currently allow through media. There must be a truth in news law that harshly penalizes those who would defy the law. Since we are having so much trouble attracting our citizens to vote it is well past time that we forced them to participate if they are to be involved in the outcomes of our elections. 

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