Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stealing our hope (#1758)

Republicans in the House of Representatives have done we American working/middle/poor class of citizens a huge disservice. They have not let the will of our electorate effectuate policies we voted to have produced. The intransigence of Republicans, much like a tantrum child who owns the only ball that all are playing with, taking it home and leaving the rest of us without. What we need to do is find someone else who has a ball and keep playing. That someone else is a new House Democratic leadership team voted into office in 2014. For the last several days we have, as a country, been marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of a dear and progressive President Kennedy. As an 8 year old sitting in my 3rd grade classroom and hearing of his death over the class intercom, I immediately felt my heart sink. Our family were and still are Democrats and the shock of it was real and disheartening. I got home that day from school and my mother was crying profusely over the ongoing television coverage. What I most remember from that still vivid day was how my heart felt. I was crushed inside that a great hope in our lives had been cut from us in a permanent way. The profound effect that moment had on me was a watershed experience since it destroyed within me the idea that right and good was greater than wrong and bad. Although, over time, I did find my way back to the best of who we are despite losing so much of myself in between that I am very fortunate that I survived to recover. Much is the same now with our current President Obama. He offers us a more progressive path to rebuild our hope and all the Republicans in the House of Representatives can do is nothing and obstruct. I will never allow anything, including a despicable political party, to steal my hope away again!

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