Thursday, November 28, 2013

The poorest among us (#1763)

As the poorest among us just had to find out, food for them was cut by the Republican party because the Republican party thinks that they are mooching off the government system. While the Republicans continue to give billions of dollars to the wealthiest in our American society. Today is our traditional Thanksgiving feast to honor the coming to America and the bounty we discovered here. Yet I cannot feel comforted by my own meager advantages when I know that many millions of children, women, seniors and armed services members will have less to eat. How can it be that we allow a political party that makes the poor and underpaid suffer insults and actual hunger while they greedily defend their vision to give massive amounts of government money to the wealthy? I feel no sense of pride about how our American citizens continue to vote these inhumane Republican politicians into office. Our country is at a dis-ease as we go about the matter of celebrating a feast that has little to offer the poor. I am ashamed by my participation in a society where a Republican party continues to receive votes enough to be elected and then continues to crush the spirit and hope of the middle class, especially the poor. Can we all just recognize that demeaning and subjugating purposeful hardship on ourselves is not progress nor growth, instead it is just a petty and contemptible demoralization that has no value in representing our nation's conspicuous place in the world.

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