Sunday, November 24, 2013

We are defined by what we learn and how we apply that knowledge (#1759)

This is the reason why I still am learning about who I am. I am not done learning new things to me. So my surmise is that I will never truly know who I am since I will never stop learning. But I can get a glimpse of myself through what I have already applied through my actions. The comprehensiveness of what I have learned continues to grow within me and is the final output of my thoughts and actions. I am not saying that I am a well run organism, as obviously I am not. However for the most part the accumulation of my knowledge to this point does indicate who I am becoming. My foundational understandings, for the most part, have been established. Nothing that has come along for some many years has shaken nor made me doubt how I perceive what is better or best about how I perceive our species and the planet that houses us and all other life. Yet, there is a universe beyond my limited scope and it has yet to be discovered. The idea I came up with to start this overall blog and to begin my journey forward from a base of understanding is in understanding our species' nature. We are caring and curious with a will to survive. From this base I can then delve into the complexities of how we interact and for what purpose we decide to civilize ourselves. When I state that we are also organic data processors with the capacity to reason, analyze and conclude I refer to our senses and what we decipher from them. All this together tells me that the restlessness of our natures lies in the fact that we need to continue to find information where it is and at the moment the vast amount of unknown information lies out beyond the restrictive nature this planet of ours contains.

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