Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hope opens your mind, fear closes it (#1782)

If we can imagine our society with happiness in it for all then we can begin to model and structure it to fit that perspective. If however we are not able to imagine and instead only want what is best for ourselves personally then we will have what we are more or less experiencing now. A society that fears the future of a better promise to it's citizens will always default to scrambling for what leftovers that are strategically spread by those who have the most. Those who have the most have shown that their interest lies not in advancing principles of equality and fairness but instead they advance principles of survival of the fittest to keep us fighting each other as they escape closer scrutiny. The charlatans that have caused this diversion are not interested in dreaming of a better future, their future is now and they will fight with all the bountiful wealth they have to protect it. Advantage is not easily given away by most the wealthy as they feel a sense of privilege in that they have the wealth and many more don't. It is a form of elitism that has permeated and distorted any chance of them rationalizing existence with any objectivity. Most of all they are afraid of letting slip from them wealth and power that they already hold in an imbalance in their favor. They fear and that is the problem. Fear is what lessens hope when fear is allowed to flourish. Wealth and power have a way of diminishing a normal human being who feels the emotions of life in real time to a dull sense that they are not like the normal and their feelings are less about reality and more about their manipulations.

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