Thursday, December 26, 2013

In the face of death I spit (#1791)

In the face of death I spit. No longer am I a young boy afraid that he won't get to live his life out to an old age. Yes, even back when I was young I thought about dying in some foreign war or some crazy neighborhood test of manhood. Such were the fearful times we lived in and getting through them was more acting tough than being tough. There was always someone bigger and stronger ready to take down anyone who thought they could rise above fear and act without it. Gone are those days and now that I am more mature and understand that no matter what happens in life, if I am not able to stand with courage and determination against it, I don't deserve to live. Simply put. So when I see disrespect and humiliation being perpetrated on those whose only fault is not being seen as equal, I come out of my zone and push back against it. I will not accept a world around me that has prejudice, even in joking, nor degradation in the form of segregation as long as I breathe air. Life is not worth living if I cannot find the courage to stand for what I know is right and good about who we are as a species. I am long past the fear based life I grew up in and now I am one of many who doesn't allow fear to be the universe around me. My power is that I am more than willing to leave this existence in order to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment. As should all of us be willing to sacrifice. If we cannot have the opportunity of our dreams and aspirational desires because we cannot get past fear then what is the point in living? So we must gird up our courage to defend our right to dream the dream of hope in our lives. We must be willing to fight for that hope and if needed take the chance that our lives may be sacrificed in assaulting those forces who would crush our hope.

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