Monday, December 23, 2013

Living under a rock or on the mountaintop (#1788)

Well? Which is it? Being the scared little human who can't seem to muster any courage to fight for what is best about we humans seems to be the disappointing trend nowadays. Here is a fact and get it through your thick skulls, we are all going to die! Do you hear me? We are all going to die so the question is are you going to live life in FEAR or are you going to live life like a hero? What is your decision? For me I can't stand another minute living in an existence where most people are allowing themselves to cower when it comes to fighting for what is right and good for all of us. I would rather die than to have shame and cowardice as my defining properties. Where are the principles that should demand courage from all of us? Are we just talking about how we stand for dignity and respect while cowering in the background when the fight for dignity and respect arrives? Our human species has a rich history of battling for our better natures to conquer the worst of others' intents propagated by nefarious souls. Shall we subdue ourselves to the greedy selfish aspects of power? I am profoundly disturbed that we Americans have lost the heritage of our fore-parents who gave everything they had and would have to create a government for us that has us at the heart of it, not some special interest that wants to infiltrate it for the purpose of subjugating us. We need to stop all entities that are currently in the guise of corporations, Republican political party and their cabals whose sole purpose is to undermine democracy in the favor of an unfettered capitalism aimed at segregating us from each other.

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