Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Purging the hate from America (#1789)

The one constant since we elected our first President of color has been the virulent hate that has exposed itself to the light of day. As long as our Presidents have been white there had been little need for the prejudice to come to the surface but now it has. What is unshakable is the degree by which it is flowing out. I had thought that time would have eased the racial tension our mostly conservative white race held against the other races of color but I am sorely mistaken. Instead of accepting that our country perpetrated a cruel injustice on the black races initially from Africa and the Caribbean white conservatives are instead condescending toward them as if it was their duty to be the servants of the almighty supreme white race (snark). I had to choke that last ironical sentence out since it is one of the biggest lies from hell. This race segregation history we practice here in America is a scourge that shames and blocks out much of the other good our country has accomplished. Since, by law, the conservative white race is no longer able to indenture the other races of color, the white race has tried to change the law in other ways that defeat the founding principles of our country, freedom and liberty. The power of white conservative racists and their few colored Uncle Toms continue to suppress votes, deny jobs and castigate the poor as worthless human dung. The bigotry and hate they express now is no longer hidden behind their white sheets not there ulterior motive driven Republican politicians. This has at least given the rest of us an enemy to stand up to and defeat through logic with honorable principles. Everyone needs to be accountable in this skirmish and the sooner we get to the end of it, and defeat it, the faster we will enrich our nation with it's wonderful melting pot of diversity and tolerance.

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