Thursday, December 19, 2013

Spreading lies for money and power (#1784)

Just how low must one go in order for them to rationalize lying for profit is okay? What is sad is that our national media is allowed to lie by law. There is some concept that we will punish those who lie by not buying into their products and the market will force them to dissolve. But that logic doesn't work because of all the hate-mongering that goes with the lies keeps some folks fixed on the lies as truths. This is what capitalism can do when it is allowed unfettered access to those who are not informed. You would think that rational beings in power would put a stop to this type of behavior and change the laws so that lying is not rewarded. Yet there is a conservative Republican party that uses the lies to it's benefit. They have taken their unpopular ideas to their logical extension and have little support for them so to continue to sell them they must rely on lies to persuade those who hate equality, justice and tolerance of those who are not them. The fear mongering and out and out lies are proving effective given that blaming "others", those who are not white, for their problems is easier than telling the truth of the existing powerful not wanting to grow our society. The existing Republican powerful know that their ideas are not popular so in order to keep power they must thwart the truth through any means. Including stifling the vote of their opponents. They know they have a good thing going when there are still those who are hurt by their activities yet continue to enable them. Much work needs to continue to push back against the liars and bring our country forward into a truth telling state of being.

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