Monday, December 30, 2013

This is a political war, not just a battle (#1795)

Progressives need to see the big picture here. We cannot just win everything every time we battle over policy direction. For example, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is not the ideal policy that many of us wanted, yet it was a battle we won moving the war closer to ending in a victory. We need to take our baby steps where possible and when possible celebrate larger victories as well. But make no mistake, the war is not over as there are those who are on the wrong side of equality and justice who never give up fighting to destroy what is good and possible for all of us. Although we didn't get our universal single payer health care law, we are just one step away from it in the next evolution of our health care system. Seeing that incremental progress is being made should be comforting to those of us who battle for success. That we don't achieve it all in the same moment is no reason to despair and doubt our goals. We are moving forward instead of backward and remembering that we are is important. Otherwise those who would lessen democracy as a political system would be celebrating the rolling back of previously gained rights and freedoms. Being discouraged about the small gains doesn't take into account what things would be like without even those small gains. We need to keep our perspective about our goals and how we achieve them. We must continue moving progress forward, inch by inch if necessary in order to make more perfect our democracy and to keep the bad actors at bay who would lessen our democracy for their own personal/political/economical gain.

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