Sunday, December 15, 2013

We should all be dreaming of better (#1780)

I am just beside myself when I hear some people say that paying people $2 an hour is okay if that is what the market will bear. Taking the stance that the market is the all see all of how we humans should exist. For those who hold such thoughts, they simply do not get that economics is not the only factor in how life should be lived. We do economics to be able to barter and trade, not to structure civilization. The idea that although we have government for our laws and government's defense we should not have government for anything else, including matters of economics is wrong-headed. Privatization of necessary societal functions is not efficient nor logically sustainable since privatization requires that all decisions be based upon profit factors. We need government to fulfill many functions necessary for a just and equal society. Not that all should be the same but that we all start from the same opportunities based upon our merit and not our privilege. We should all have the same protections from profit driven industries that would surely provide the least expense, to profit at the greatest ratio. We deserve better than flimsy, unaffordable product choices, too expensive refined natural resources for necessary clothing, shelter and transportation. If Capitalism is left to it's devices without a governmental oversight protection, then who will make sure what choices we citizens have will meet our needs? The market? No, since the market can and is manipulated by the same profit driven forces that devise it's value to the owners and not the customers. The safe institutionalization of oversight for the public good can only come from one source and that is our elected government.

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