Friday, January 31, 2014

We have corrupted the concept of value (#1827)

What does value mean to us in today's world? Much the same it did in our past unfortunately. We humans continue to place more value of things then we do on behaviors. Our idea of reward and treasure have more to do with objects and power over people then it does with selfless acts of courage and sacrifice. I personally have found that my better moments in life have always been when I have felt good about myself for doing something principally noble. I cannot say that I have had the experience of great wealth thrust upon me for some activity I participated in but I do know what it is like to have a feeling of complete peace and joy right down and through my marrow. The symbols of luxury are surely more pleasing than not having them but they are not what I live for. I am a rugged man who doesn't need to be pampered and showered with adulation. I don't need to have the shiniest and newest thing to make me feel like I am a worthy human being. I don't need to control the lives of others to satisfy some egoism that has clouded my mind. I am a content man who has the power and the will to be something more than a collector of resources, I am instead a collector of memories, that remind me of who I am and who I hope to remain. The good will that flows through me is only there because I care about others and put that care into action. That is value that cannot be bought or sold. My respect for anyone is always in the process of being earned and the earning of it from me is not in how much you have but in how much you have given.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The 5 year mark (#1826)

This post wraps up 5 years of posting mostly every day. I missed on 3 days during this stretch with the caveat that I made up for it the very next day as soon as I realized I forgot. The first missed day was in 2009, day 3, when the habit of it had not yet begun within me. Understandable on that one since I had no idea I would be posting every day. But what that first missed day made me realize is that I wanted to post every day and that is when I decided to make it so. So I wrote 2 posts the next day to at least show my intent. The next missed day posting was in 2010, day 622. I was very sick and didn't even realize at all that I had not posted that day. Again though I made up for it the very next morning by writing 2 posts. Finally, in 2011, day 1042, I again was very sick and totally forgot to write a post and as usual by now, I posted 2 posts the very next morning. Those 3 open days with not writing a post serve me well as the thorn in my side so to speak to remind me just how imperfect I am. I am no different than anyone else, I have an ego at times that tries to puff me up and unless I have my imperfections close at hand I can become gullible to the illusion that I am something better than I am. I have enjoyed this run of posting about something over these 5 years. It is not much different from keeping a consistent journal. Somehow this blog serves to soothe my need to be relevant although that is a longing with little hope for a solution. However, I am what I am and trying to be better at what I am is my goal. This blog helps me with that since I get to put my raw thoughts down and then leave them open for scrutiny. That's okay though since I know I come from an intent that has the best of what others and myself can be.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The arrogance of the illogical (#1825)

It doesn't matter to them that their arguments are incorrect. As long as it fits their vision for what they want life to exist as it will due, no matter how many times they are corrected for their manipulations. It is a form of arrogance, that transcends honesty or logic. They have an interpretation of how life should be and nothing short of death will convince them to question their stubborn belief. It is an arrogance that has no bounds when it comes to being right in their minds. I am reminded of a quote attributed to Samuel Longhome Clemens, better known as, Mark Twain, "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." Well, stupid is applicable to people who refuse to apply logic to their beliefs. I am all for having faith in something but not to using faith as a premise of an argument to prove something is correct in fact. Yet there are those who argue their belief all around the facts without ever coming in direct agreement with fact unless it fits their narrative. The problem with holding them accountable is that they use just enough relevant logic to hurriedly support their claims but then never give enough time for others to rebut their claims before they are off on another false equivalency. They buttress their defense with confusion and limited time to contradict as their narratives. What is easy for me to decipher from their narratives is whether a good for all is the outcome. Mostly they cannot supply an outcome that makes sense for everyone. Instead their vision falls short and conveniently only benefit those who have much as opposed to those who have little.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why do so many American capitalists hate American workers? (#1824)

I just don't get this. I guess I am a different breed of human because for me it is all about the quality of life I can help bring not only to myself but all others around me. It suppose that in our American economy, it doesn't take a man or woman of honorable principles to amass fortunes. Because in a perfect world, those who did more for others than themselves would truly be the heroes and successes in our society. What we have instead is a breed of human that has sold his soul to less than honorable principles rather than to stand up and fight against the system that they have otherwise given into. So it does seem like the natural progression to assume that if a successful capitalist has made his fortune by gaming the rules they would naturally look upon everyone else who didn't as weak and insufferable. That would explain why so many capitalists have nothing much more than contempt for those who are not like them. Once they have sold their soul to unscrupulous behavior they have lost all dignity and honor as an ideal and instead have replaced those lofty principles with greed and power. It is no wonder they refuse to care about a quality of life for anyone else since their survival among themselves requires them to ever increasing forms of lust. Surely not all American capitalists are this way and there are still some who have worked hard and fair with others to help raise the fortunes of many good honest folks. But it is quite clear to me now that those principled folks are in the minority and that the majority of today's capitalists would rather live in the illusion that the rest of us only exist to be at their pleasure.

Monday, January 27, 2014

If it isn't one thing it is another (#1823)

I have no doubt we are all getting to be real experts at knowing that our problems or our successes are only temporary for the most part since they both seem to be just another link in the long line of chain that comes before us daily. In other words if you are happy now you may well be unhappy as well in less time than one would naturally think. There is always something changing or some new thing is about to enter our lives, good or bad. There will rarely be that moment when we can all just sit back and bask in the joy of our peace for any length of time we would delusionally expect. lol. Unless of course we understand that the time is going to be very short indeed. Seems like I run into this paradigm of something or another popping up to change the planned focus of my day. I may think I am in control of what I do but honestly, I am at the mercy of time and space and a planet filled with lots of people, places and things. I am still inculcating this knowledge within me since I do have the idea that I should be able to manage my own time with some sense of order, but always something happens to change that for me. But each day I wake up with the same resolve to have an order to my thoughts and actions while leaving open the now known realization that all my plans are just tentative at best and no expectation that they will remain unchanged enters my mind. There is hope that my scheduled plans will see fruition but never an expectation that they will. Life is odd that way, rarely allowing for me to find the comfort of control when life is actually much more like uncontrollable. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Being honorable is a duty (#1822)

I don't care much about those who care less about those in need. It is unthinkable that some of us would turn our backs on those who need us most. There is no honor in that. Let me explain why honor means so much to me. I have been tormented and scared to the point of no return but someone came to my rescue for no other reason than what was happening to me was unjustified harm in their eyes and they would not allow it to continue. I was very young then and there were those whose own insecurities allowed them to bully youngsters like me that were vulnerable. I have seen what it is like to have some "hero" step up and make a difference in my life. They would never consider themselves a hero but to me they will always be. I draw my positive conclusions based upon many things but for sure I know that being an honorable person is what I emulate beyond every thing else. The desperation and overwhelming embarrassment of being alone when others decide you are their target is unimaginable without the experience of it. I know where the bottom is because I have been there and never will return. I am older, bigger and wiser now so no one can influence me beyond myself without me being able to fight back. But when I was young and less capable I was not able to fight in order to stop the despair. Our human species has many fine qualities but we also have many regressive attitudes that allow for harm when no harm is required or needed. It is these harms that I stand against and will to my dying day raise my fist in the air when harm is perceived. My honor is what I respect most about myself and living without it is not an option.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The arrogance of tyranny (#1821)

For those who would want to be the boss of all of us and control how we live our lives through policies that discriminate and denigrate, I have this to say to you, I will fight you all the way to gates of hell and throw you in if that is where we end up going. If there is only one lesson I have learned in this existence it is that none of us knows why we are here. So anyone who would want to play "god" over me has another thing coming. Anyone who cannot display the act of humility in their daily lives then I know they are either confused about what a purposeful life is or they choose to be egoistical and instead demand that they are obeyed. I have the privilege of being knowledgeable and curious about life so anyone who would act to diminish that or deny me the right to continue to improve in my life then they have challenged my right to exist as far as I see my existence. I for one will not tolerate those who presume to know me or all of us better than I or we know ourselves. We need to keep improving our society in equality, fairness and opportunity and anything that would buck that tide of that will have me to deal with! I need more out of life not less. We all do! So for those who think that controlling our lives is their duty I ask this one question, Do you really want to feel my wrath? I am surely not the only one who would take up defense of our self respect and dignity and fight for our right to live in a better world with all seriousness. If all that some can find is a tyrannical outlook to live by then know this, you and I will clash when the clashing time comes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The magic within each of us (#1820)

When my heart cries tears of joy is when I know that life in this existence is wholly magical. I don't have to care about anything at all if I choose not to, however that would be against my very nature. I feel life and it's ever present struggles. I wish I could wave a magic wand and end all suffering but that isn't the type of magic I have within me. Instead the magic we all have is that we care about what touches our souls. Why do some acts of kindness make us weep for joy when we see them and why is it we know in that moment that the good in life is all that life should be about. It is because that deep down within all of us is the thought that first blossomed in our minds as young children, the opportunity for a magical life is all around us. Over time that simple thought has been abused and tormented by the worst of our natures but always within me it continues to exist. I won't give up on the idea that life should have no negative disposition that cannot be rectified. I know I cannot make this reality into a perfect reality but I can think and act in ways that advance the beauty and wonder in life. I know how these paradigms effect me. Beauty and wonder capture me utterly when they are experienced and always, every time, leave me with me wanting more. I have seen enough of the desperate desolation we now accept as the status quo, but I don't accept that. There are too many moments of sheer joy out there that are being subdued by some who cannot find their hearts no matter what logic or common sense map is available to guide them. All I know for sure is that the magic in my life is alive and well and is fulfilled when some circumstance reminds me just how beautiful and wonder filled humanity can be.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Put us back to work (#1819)

It has been 5 years now that Republicans have been saying that the private sector needs to put us to work and not the government. However, since the work created by the private sector has been somewhat successful in putting some of us back to work, the work has been mostly in low paying jobs. Democrats have produced many bills to allow for government to create jobs through infrastructure repair and modernization projects that would pay substantially more than the low wage jobs but Republicans have had enough power to block most all of them. It is time for Republicans to quit blocking help from the federal government that would put millions of Americans back to work in the construction industry that is the lifeline occupation for so many Americans trying to get into and remain in the middle class. Enough of this political partisanship that devastated the construction industry for millions of workers, which thereby devastates those millions of workers and their families. The only reason Republicans are not willing to help our country recover from our current economic failing is because it is part of an overall strategy to use it as leverage to win elections in the future. Since Republicans are continuing to be immovable on passing legislation that puts us back to work, we must do the next right thing and vote these intransigent Republican politicians out of office later this year in November. It is my hope that between now and then Republicans will come to their senses and realize that by helping put American workers back to work, they actually improve their electability by being useful to the American public. Regardless though, either Republicans step up and get our economy moving or they themselves will be voted out of Congress due to their callous disregard of the American citizen they were voted in to represent.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sacrifice is second nature where the heart is concerned (#1818)

No calculation, no strategy, just action. I find that my instincts take over when I am in a situation where my heart is concerned. I don't have to qualify to myself or anyone else when a matter that touches my heart intersects with me changing an outcome of bad to an outcome of good. When I am the "wild card" that can make or break a situation one way or the other it is truly, a "no brainer". Second nature kicks in and I act to the best of my common sense and efficiency. How do I know I do this? Because I have been tested before and I find that my focus narrows to the task at hand and only that. I become one with a solution and allow my will to force it's way through. Not only in matters that test my personal emotions with great alarm but even when my own heart is not the one primarily affected. I am no different than many who are the same. We put all self serving aside and give of ourselves even in dangerous ways to our own safety. So it is with many of us, we cast aside caution in order to preserve something caring and noble within us. I have lost love in my life and I know it's value. It is priceless and cannot be replaced. So preserving that love is nothing short of an imperative to the highest order. I cannot reconcile loss to some "oh well". It is not within me to allow life to be sacrificed without me gambling some portion of my own sacrifice to save it. I know this about myself and over time it has been reinforced in many different ways. I suppose the genesis of what I am trying to offer here is this, If I can do anything to save anyone who can be saved some awful fate by my actions I am quick to act without much concern at all for my own fate.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Making friends is better than making enemies (#1817)

My mood this morning is focused on my actions to be useful and appreciate of others. It isn't that hard to do considering the alternative of being rude and a pain in the ass. lol. I usually fall somewhere in between closer to the useful and appreciative side but by no means mostly. So there is work to be done and giving it a focus as I start my day out I give myself plenty of opportunities to follow through with a smile on my face and good intent in my heart. I recently heard something about us having only so many heart beats in our life and each heart beat I have is one that is behind me. So taking advantage of the heart beats I have left is getting to be a higher priority every day. I am not one of those people who see no honorable purpose for my life. I don't live just to satisfy my own personal ambitions or fantasies. I try to work my life through the little things that need to be done and although I never get many of them accomplished, I do still try. Which is my purpose, to do what I can to have a happy and therefore less harmful life. Which brings me to the title of this post. Making friends is better than making enemies. When I am in a bad way with a person and the feeling is mutual with them it just serves to put me off my quest for a better life. I would rather have a good mood prevail in my life and all it takes is respecting whomever it is I am interacting with. Now not all out there return the respect I offer but that is on them and easily enough for me to solve just by moving on. But when someone else returns the respect it is worth all my time and effort to foster a lasting relationship built upon that respect.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The irreconcilable right (#1816)

The right has taken the political tact to protect the nefarious nature of our populace and many who would rather live beneath anywhere the sun shines are their constituents. Protecting the illegality and inequality of our economic and social functions. The deep held belief that regardless of sacrifice by others they resent themselves having to sacrifice anything at all in the name of community and common good. The selfish aspect of their ideology cannot be overestimated. It is the linchpin by which all their arguments evolve. Regardless of false equivalencies or cognitive dissonance, they will not be budged by logic that reflects the better of who we are if it intercedes into their "God" given right to put themselves above all else. The greedy ego as a bastion for them to warp into being the victim. The worse and saddest part is that they are not able to gain a grander perspective in order to see that their actions are what foster the continuation of their's and our problems. Instead of seeing that all our problems can be solved by all of us coming together, they see the only possibility of all our problems being solved is through the elimination of most of us who are not them. The simple difference here is one of optimism about how we all want to share in this existence for the better, and the opposite, which is that despair and hatred are allowed to dictate process for their's and, by default, our futures. A political philosophy that bends it's process toward the worse natures of our humanity is what the right wing of the Republican party has become and all the rest of us must stand and fight against it.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Positivism conquers negativism (#1815)

It doesn't always seem so that positivism conquers negativism but in the big picture it is true. The nasty and brutish controllers are far and few and the hopeful abound among us. Life isn't so regressive and so insufferable that we cannot see the good all around us. Our better nature often flourishes because we don't let ourselves give up what we know is right and good. Our characters are built upon what is possible instead of constant torment. While at times gnashing of our teeth is real, it is less an occurrence than the radiant smile we display on most days. Despite the continual attempts to dismantle the good and getting better that we envelope ourselves in, we roll up our sleeves and get to work defending and improving that very same good and getting better. Since the beginning of this blog, I have forwarded that we humans are a compassionate curious species whose will is to survive. Nothing in the nearly 5 years since I started this blog has changed my mind. My evolution to that understanding which moved me to start this blog has remained firm and constant. It is as if I have hit upon the final analysis to the question of who we are. The examples of which are multitude, yet nothing within the paradigm of humanity displayed has inched me off my understanding. Like King Solomon in the Bible is quoted; "There is nothing new under the sun". I myself agree that our natures are behaviorally predictable. From that I see, more of the good and better in life is being lived than the worst of who we are. Which allows me to conclude that positivism has captured our souls in general and diminishes the ugliness that negativism fosters.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The seriousness of our times (#1814)

I have recently been told by a person that she has no time for politics. Then she went on about the immediate problems in her life that to me seem to be less problematic and more a nuisance. The simple view this person has dismayed me to no end. If any of us are so cavalier as to think that what happens in politics is no concern for us we are living with blinders on. Politics has everything to do with our lives, from the foundation of our lives to the quality of our lives. Every choice and decision we have at our disposal has come from policies developed and implemented through politics. It is every person's duty to be involved in the politics of our time if only to make sure the politics don't retrench our already hard fought for rights. There is a real effort by forces that don't see equality and justice as priorities alongside freedom. Instead they deem principles of finance as a higher value than democratic ones. This clear attack on the meaning of our democracy and how it operates within our politics is the battle of our time right now. To allow the disruptive forces to shape our society through divisive politics is not to be condoned. That is why the woman's comment to me so disturbed me. She didn't understand the bigger picture and somehow seems to think that her little world view is all that matters. How many more are there out there that hold the same view that politics is not important enough for them to even understand what is being done, not only to them but the rest of us as well.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Knowing the difference (#1813)

Do you believe that the truth will eventually win out? I do and for good reason. Because what is behind the truth that is not behind the lie is real conviction. The truth is a perfection of sorts. It satisfies a deep sense within me that can have no other substitute. I have tried to fill my life with convenient lies that at the moment seemed like the "right" thing to do but in the longer run I found the cost of having perpetrated the lies over the truth was too much a price to pay. How is that so? Because when I was less mature I thought I had enough things figured out that the lie would be irrelevant. But as I have gotten older and been on the punishing end of my lies that were revealed, I have found that my soul expects more out of life than my conniving ego. I am consciously scared by my convenient lies in the place of truths because I cannot defend them like the warrior I see myself as. I destroyed bits and pieces of myself for the illusion of some idea of fame or grandeur. What I wouldn't cherish is a chance to live life over with the knowledge I have now about honor and humility. But I cannot go back so the best that I can do is to go forward with the idea that no amount of falsity is worth denying the truth. There is a harmony to life that I feel in my soul and being back within it has only taken me to choose to live in the truth. The hard in life is there for everyone so no excuses about what I choose to do next. I am grateful to life for having spared me more time in it so that I can experience a just and purposeful life instead of a life that skirmishes in the dirty little mind of greed, power and false ego.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The politics of hate and revenge (#1812)

The latest example of this is the defeat by Republicans of long term extended unemployment benefits. How could a political party be so callous toward millions of working/middle/poor class desperate people while continuing to safeguard protections and benefits for the wealthy? When in the past these same Republicans voted to give these benefits without batting an eye, paid for or not. It is obvious to many, myself included, that these Republicans are using those vulnerable pleading souls as a hostage in their ever continuing attempts to humiliate and disparage our current President. That our President is the first man of color elected to our highest office seems to be the simplest answer to why they so despise him. Most everything he offers in the form of ideas and policies, that are traditional responses to similar past problems are immediately rebuked by Republicans, even if the ideas and policies were previously Republican ideas and policies. There can be little doubt that Republicans are using the arcane rules of the Senate, which allow them to block legislation proposed unless 60 votes, aka the filibuster, is overcome and their majority in the House of Representatives to halt any legislation coming to the floor of that body to be voted upon. While Republicans show their vile contempt toward an honest and decent President, the rest of Americans suffer for the lack of resources normally provided by our federal government. This has to stop and the time to stop it is coming shortly in November when our next federal election arrives. We can vote out prejudicial Republican candidates in both the House and Senate and then get back to having common sense and logic as the basis for our policy debates instead of the intentional hate and revenge that Republicans are currently employing.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mental health (#1811)

I have had enough contact with some folks that have real issues with reality and how to think and behave within a civilized society. For whatever reason or cause we need to have a real priority for these folks to have places where they can get help and treatment. Many are homeless because our society has no structured policies that deal directly with their very real afflictions. Some are not homeless but are nonetheless incapable of functioning in ordinary ways. They have delusions that affect how they perceive what reality is and therefore their expectations are out of sync with normal function. The truth is we all know of these souls who struggle mightily just to understand the most basic of concepts. They have no idea that they are responsible for their actions because they are constantly trying to reconcile their behavior with illogical thinking. It is as if the have no ability to default back to a foundation where their panoramic perspective can allow them to recognize and correct any bad choice. What is obvious for me anyway is that they are unable to escape the circular logic of denial. Is it a laziness of mind? Or is it just a complete unawareness of what rational thinking is? I suspect it is a bit of both but regardless there needs to be a way and a place for those who are confused about life to be able to get (un)confused. Much like we care for our special needs folks we must also recognize that some of us are ill equipped in rational thinking to function in society without help to diagnose symptoms and remedy them as much as possible.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Unmasking the fear of our Universe (#1810)

The one wholly positive trait of our human species is our courage wrapped up in our being bold. We are a curious lot and with that curiosity we explore and learn. Surely there will always be some caution and reservation to our discovering ways but the impetus that causes us to move out from our security to the unknown is our boldness. I for one am full of the adventuring spirit and although I don't get to be a great adventurer I am one in my soul. If I could or if the circumstances of my life had allowed me to reach beyond my own imaginings I would no doubt be doing it. Nothing in life is settled that we should just accept what exists in front of us and make our comfort within that. I cannot sit idly by as my life dwindles down to it's end without recognizing that despite the structure of our societies and our abilities to conquer obstacles, life could have been wholly different for all of us had we been more practiced and modeled after our caring and wondering instincts. I see society as it could have been and not so much as how it has haphazardly evolved. This is why I push so hard against the forces that would stifle human imagination with myths, customs and superstitions. The freedom to think outside the box and the ability to express those thoughts as policy for all to weigh without prejudice is my goal. I am alive during the struggle to found a society that prioritizes compassion, curiosity and survival above all other things. Once all we humans have achieved consensus on the best natural instincts we are, is when we humans can then begin to reach out to all of our possibilities. How long after I am gone this struggle will last is no one's appropriate guess, however that the will of my life is dedicated to correcting our societies says much about what I truly value out of life.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New ideas in my head :) (#1809)

I just came across a link on Facebook in one of the groups I am in and it has really hit me deep and hard. It combines something I have wanted to do for some time, motorcycle riding with a cause that helps kids overcome fear. It is always good to be able to find a niche that feels right within us and even if it takes decades to come to fruition it is well worth the wait. I am still swirling with thoughts about the link; which I will post here at the end of this post. What is so satisfying is that the idea I am having feels so right and will fit in nicely with having others join me in this concept. One thing I do know are lots of people who like to ride and they are all good people. Together with a good cause we can become a force of will for many who are not as fortunate to have protectors out there. Children are so vulnerable to older folks who have nefarious ideas concerning their power over children. When I was younger I would have been so grateful to have a bunch of manly men and strong willed women on my side. It is hard having to find the courage to stand up in the face of wrong all the time by ourselves. Again I am still swirling in the thought of this and if at all possible I will continue to let this grow inside me. I have allowed myself to become detached from society on whole a bit in the last few years and this idea will take that isolation from me and put me back out in the public square with a mindset that is attractive and worthy. I can feel the thought of this settling into me and as the moments are passing I am becoming more and more sure this is what I need to do.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Incompetence is no excuse (#1808)

When you have a situation where what seems on the face of it to be a bad idea and you know your trust in the person being accused of the bad idea is counter to your intuition, then dig deeper. What I usually find is that the person I trust has been egregiously accused by a false narrative. I take our current President for example. He is being accused of harming current social security recipients by being acceptable to a new formula for figuring cost of living increases. What his overly eager opponents don't get is that only if two conditions are met. First, revenues are substantially raised through tax code reform and second, the vulnerable and those in poverty and hardship are also exempt from the new formula. Yet all I hear is that our President is some kind of monster who is only out to gut our social security recipients. What is even worse it that the right wing conservatives in America are fueling this disinformation in hopes of dividing our progressive liberal base. The final point I will make about this example is that in the end Republicans will never accept it since it goes against their lockstep policy of never raising taxes on the wealthy. What is obvious to me is this, that yellow journalism is alive and unfortunately well in our country. When we get good honest folks believing lies and misinformation as fact and then acting on it without verifying it we are hopelessly stuck in a a universe where trust is nowhere to be found. I know that trusting is hard when most are dishonest but some are not and when we find the trustworthy we must always give them the benefit of the doubt so we don't turn on them with dishonest propaganda.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Remembering my funny bone (#1807)

There is so much wrong in this world to keep a person's life busy forever just trying to alleviate some of it. I do understand that and it makes me feel so helpless at times when I cannot correct the wrong in front of me because others have chosen to commit to wrong over right. I have to have a way to bring my sense of being out of the depressing reality of our species' demoralizing actions. I do that by finding humor where I can and where it is appropriate to not seem cruel to others. I have to also include what is right about our species in my actions otherwise we would only be faced with the worst of who we are. Having the ability to laugh at the silly is good and in many ways for me is therapeutic. The better I can display what we should be doing at living, the better chance someone else may see that also and try that in their lives as well. A contagion of some happiness to all of us is not to be denigrated. I can only take so much depressing reality and for that I am not proud. I should be able to withstand the reality of our horribleness toward each other with greater strength and conviction to battle against it but truth is I am not as strong as my will wishes me to be. However, although I fail my own expectations of mental fortitude, I have found a way to keep my mental fortitude safe and prepared for continuing. That is through some humor. It is amazing to me how finding a moment to laugh is so refreshing to my soul. It is as if I was plugged into some kind of recharging station and get a new full blast of fortitude. Again though, the humor must be appropriate and not at aimed at someone but shared with them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

If your principles for living are right there is little need to lie (#1806)

If what you stand for in your life has honor and justice to it then lying or being deceptive rarely come into the equation. I expect perfection from myself, although I rarely attain it, as a rule because if I continue to strive for it I may just do a bit of good in my life. I am settled with my purpose, really! I just want to live as an honorable man. That in itself keeps me more than busy in that I can't keep up with the opportunities as it is. Which keeps me from indulging in my own egoistic fantasies. Sure I am egoistic, but I don't have to act or dwell on those thoughts when they come into my open mind. I just ignore them with the memory of how badly those similar egoistic thoughts nearly ruined me as a person and as a living being. Like temptation, egoism needs to be compartmentalized and only engaged when a life-threatening event is at hand. Yes, ego can be good when a desperate life threatening event occurs. How you ask? If I tell myself that I have worth beyond my own recognition it helps me to hope for a better development despite the odds. However, ego generally is a path not to be taken. I don't associate ego with creative or innovative thinking, that is just my imagination, not my ego. My principles of honesty, self sacrifice in many areas, justice, equality and compassion for all are just a few examples. So in every moment of life and the continuum of change that life is obligated by time to bring I get another full scope of trying to fulfill an honorable thought and action. Too busy living life with dignity and respect fill my life with humility which inside me is a wonderful way to live.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why me? (#1805)

I used to ask this question to the Universe many times when things went against me or I didn't get what I was hoping for. Like I was born some special being who should through fate or destiny be entitled to a great life regardless of the evidence others produced all around me. The nearly fatal flaw in my thinking that held myself up to a high expectation of illusory worthiness. A very child like behavior. Yet somehow my psyche held on to this fairy tale in some self preserving way. I suppose it has a lot to do with my character now, although I have long ago overcome my irrational expectation of being better than others lol., since I am stubborn and hard on those who would also bring those types of behaviors into my sphere of consciousness. The question I ask in the title though is common for all of us. Why did this happen to me? Like I was either worthy of some event or I was being punished without having committed a crime. But this is life and no rational sense can be made of the whirligig of chaos that occasionally overcomes our careful planning. It happened to me because it could, not that the result was the rational extension of some act on my part. Surely though I can envision a result upon myself from my actions, but that isn't what I am trying to describe. Instead It is the random happening of things without rational definition. Wrong place wrong time, kind of thing. Coincidence, providence or serendipity. The Universe has it's motion and regardless of how I control my motion unexpected acts will still be part of what will happen to me as long as I am still here in this existence. I accept that now without torturing myself by asking why. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Political cowardice by Republican elected officials (#1804)

I have been trying very hard to give Republicans the benefit of the doubt concerning their actions on votes these last few years but even my naive attempt to include them into humanity has been a losing proposition. For the life of me I cannot understand how someone who has taken to the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and State Constitutions can then turn around advocate for secession and dismantling of the established amendments to our US Constitution. Not only that they are fearful of losing their jobs as political leaders so they abdicate their votes to moneyed sources. A leader is willing to take the heat for doing what is right over kowtowing to forces who have no interest other than their own. It is an eternal shame watching Republican politicians, who have a share in representing my interests, embarrass not only we American citizens on whole but also put shame on us from around the world from politicians who display courage instead. Some wonder why my zeal at trying to defeat every Republican in office is within me. It is rather simple, they have shown that they cannot be trusted to be a great example of humanity in a recognizable form. It is as if a person has to sell their soul before they can become an elected member of the Republican party. It is odd for me to have to have this conversation in this forum I have created to celebrate our natural instincts of care, wonder and survival but nonetheless I cannot ignore the troubling realization that our politics define who we are and if Republicans get to define who we are we are all in for a nasty brutish reality.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The brutish among us (#1803)

I have been trying to wrap my head around how people let bullies and people of no caring be leaders. I can only guess a couple of reasons, one being that they are generally afraid and at least people who bully appear to be fearless, which is wrong in most cases since most bullies when called out, generally reveal their own cowardice. The second guess I have has to do with plain ignorance. If someone who is forceful about their policies comes off as appearing knowledgeable, many people will accept their premises without checking them. The short cut method when actual research into claims is not what some people wish to do. A failure to protect their own sense of knowing what is as opposed to what others tell them things are. So I guess I boil it down to fear and laziness. How is it that, arguably, the greatest country in the history of the world, possibly the Universe, can have let it's guard down so much that it is either afraid of reality or too inclined not to care for sure? I guess the perception that I have is that we are a group of citizens who feel a sense of entitlement based upon some idea of birthright. Since we were obviously, snark, born in America we are somehow better human beings than those who were not? Is that it? A philosophy of ego that supersedes logic and the maintenance of our own personal sense of reality? We let people who are driven by their own set of priorities that have less to do with us and more to do with them lead our country? Well some of us care not to but enough of us don't care enough, therefore we get ego-driven brutish souls who have no real good intent to be admired as an example of humanity and instead they glorify themselves with the appearance of being good stewards.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rustle up your sleeves (#1802)

When you know what you are doing is right then act like it. One of the biggest problems we have here in America is that we are not forthright in our projecting truth to power. We are less stalwart than we should be. I make a point now of being hyper critical of the stupidity behind offensive illogical thinking and physically harmful policies that are being forwarded as necessary for our society. But even more important is my complete backing of promising and helpful policies that strengthen our society while lifting up those who are still and continuing to fall below acceptable living standards. I am as hard as a rock when it comes to protecting our respect and care for our citizens. Our rights and privileges will always be under some give and take formula that has to weigh what is best for us in total as opposed to what is best for us individually but the tension can be overcome with logic and a common sense that we are all in this together. We have abiding principles that have been hard fought and won for us as principles for living and as long as we all continue to respect and care about each other those principles will be our guiding lights. We must always protect justice as a principle, we must always protect equality as a principle. We must always protect opportunity for all as a principle and we must always protect respect for each other as a foundation for everything we do going forward. If you have been paying attention here you will notice that I offer nothing to be protected that has a negative connotation. There are more principles to fight for and to defend against erosion so we must keep our eyes upon what is best in life so that when the battle to erode principles comes we will already have our sleeves rolled up ready for the fight.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Never underestimate the power of humility (#1801)

Humility was a hard lesson for me. Simply because I felt that I had to validate myself through being right. Which in itself is not bad, except the thought that I needed to validate my existence, but the bad comes in when I didn't do enough work to make sure I was right. I chastise myself enough as it is when I discover I am wrong about something I presented as right but it is even more angst driven when someone or more also point it out to me. Like in the woods, when I was on a logging crew. If I fell off a fallen tree while limbing it and no one saw me fall I would mentally be better than if someone saw me fall. It is like I don't like others to see me fail, for some reason it hurts more. I have gotten over that mental sidetrack and now just allow what happens to happen and if that happening is right and good then onward to the next but if that happening is wrong, well then I need to fess up and do my due diligence to not only correct it but to apologize for the initial error. I have the old "hat in hand" approach down now since I seem to use it enough to remain polished at the action. It is genuine and serious since I do hold myself to a higher standard than others hold me to. But what I get out of being humble when I am wrong is the correct perspective of my intentions in the first place. I am reminded that although I am wrong I was forwarding what I thought was helpful for others. So correcting the action and doing so with a truly apologetic soul, I remain the person who I wish more than ever to stay.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Protecting our compassion and curiosity (#1800)

Instead of celebrating our natural instincts to be compassionate and open up horizons for our curiosity, we are instead forced to protect what paradigms we have already established. There are those on the right who see humanity as cattle more than they see humanity as genius. The people who view the rest of us as similar to property, like to think that they are special and privileged due to some unseen and immeasurable calculus. Mostly it is their egos run amok while logic is allowed but only what they can squeeze out of it as it benefits them. Instead of furthering our capabilities on a scale that includes all of us, like universal education, health care and job opportunities, we are instead fighting against forces who would rather return to the ancient thinking that enslavement, regardless of form, is preferable to community. For a species like us for any one to presume to dictate inequality over equality is a form of narcissism that exults conceit above all else. We don't need illusory ulterior motive and or mental illness to be our template for a society, we need smart intelligent compassionate beings who know that the discovery in this existence has only just begun. We are at a tipping point in our society here in America and in the world generally, where in the next few years could well signal the direction our species comports to for the next few generations. I am well settled in my soul that we need to address our needs as a society based upon compassion and curiosity and not solely on myth/superstition and economic ethics. We are more than what we do to exist, yet we cannot discover the more until we are all allowed the entry into society with integrity and honor.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The meaning of enlightenment (#1799)

If the Renaissance period taught us anything at all it is that fear of myth and superstition can be overcome. We had the greatest array of thinkers and artists come into being to raise the human condition up to more than just a subservient being. We were shown that our imaginings need have no bounds despite our own insecurities. We could and should accomplish acts based upon our knowledge and our understanding of our natures. As a creature of care and wonder, I often find it difficult not to help others while also wanting to know more and more. These two traits go hand in hand as we all need each other's insights in order to expand our own imaginations. That thing most responsible for thwarting our quest to surge into the great unknown we are perpetually surrounded by is our lesser acts based upon fear. Being afraid of what could be has been the scourge of all of enlightenment. It is okay to prepare for the worst while also moving into the unknown, yet to stifle forward movement based upon fear is detrimental to our natures and our possibilities. I have never been so proud of our species as when as a child I learned that we humans fought and won many battles to strip off the chains of ignorance and embrace the logic of understanding as a baseline for living. No more at the mercy of fear, enlightenment gave and continues to give us marvels and innovations that in our futures portend even more possibilities. I refuse to live my life in the fear of what may happen instead of living my life in the idea that anything could happen. Enlightenment gives me the boldness I so desperately need to find the courage to always accept would could be over the depressing fear that myth and superstition wish to chain me with.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Courage is a choice (#1798)

I hear this a lot, I don't have the courage like some others do. When I do hear this I am taken back to the times when I did the same thing. Thinking that courage is something within us or not. However, I have found that courage is always within me but many times it must be summoned up. I also found that never has any time come when I couldn't have chosen to be courageous. The operative word here is "chosen". I get to choose to be either indifferent or cowardly or courageous. Sometimes even a bit of a mix of all three. But choose I do and if I want fear to stop me all I have to do is allow the scared Carl to show himself. Yet, now that I know that courage is a choice and not some genetic gift, I find that being courageous is my first default. A personal insight into me. I have always been the type who wants or needs, depending how you analyze me lol, to lead. I have the old explorers mindset about life and nothing I can do will ever change that so naturally I want to be at the forefront of new horizons. For some reason in my early learning years I failed to understand that fear is in all of us and those who handle their fears with courage live lives that bring about confidence and maturity. I failed at understanding the simple idea that courage was and is a choice. My life was as expected confusing and chaotic when I was younger as I had these two conflicting attributes, explorer type and less than courageous type. Since I pieced the puzzle of courage being a choice together with my curious wanting to know ways, I have found a steady peaceful path that genuinely reflects who I am. Let my hard life lesson help you along your life path if it parallels what I have been through.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Widening income inequality must be reversed (#1797)

I think it is appropriate that my first post of the 2014 new year is about the great scourge of income inequality. Politics aside for a moment, that our society has allowed for the economy to dictate the majority of reward to those who have the most is disheartening. It shows a lack of character in our laws that should reflect promise for all of it's citizens and not just those wealthy who can afford to influence legislation in their favor. Apparently the moment is over since I am now delving into the politics. Income inequality has now boiled down to a difference in how the two major parties address their particular policies. Democrats wish to slow and reverse the policies that make income inequality possible, while Republicans maintain that income inequality is not an issue and wish to continue policies that widen income inequality even more. there is a distinctly different view maintained by each party and depending on how income inequality is quantified, this issue will more than likely be the lead issue in the next election come November. The simple Republican logic for continued income inequality is that the market, and survival of the fittest should decide such things. The simple Democratic logic against widening income inequality is that when the vast majority, at least 80% of Americans, have little to nothing in the way of economic freedom or economic value, the middle class is destroyed and a two tiered society of those who have a lot and those who have very little emerges. What else is predictable and in real time happening, democracy is being replaced from "we the people" to a more plutocratic corporatist system, where the wealthy and large corporations control our laws and further the loss of community power attained by "we the people" as a whole.